We make carryalls for creators.

The Atelier YUL: champions the creative process. Fueled by the belief that creativity is the most beautiful and fundamental quality of being human, we help creators of all kinds share their vision with the world. Our minimal leather carryalls are tailored to meet the needs of artists—architects, designers, photographers, writers, and more—empowering people to go wherever inspiration leads, and take their work with them.

Our story began in 2015 with 29-year-old architect Cece's need for a functional yet elegant way to transport large-format drawings without causing creases or folds. Her pared-down solution, Enveloppe, evolved into a series of practical accessories that reflect a quiet ingenuity through size, structure, and versatility. 

Each piece is handmade by master craftsmen in Montréal of hand-picked, premium pebbled leather. More than a collection of carryalls, we are uniting a community of creators, providing a platform for inspiration and exchange.



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