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We believe creativity is at the core of what it means to be human. We strive to make objects that inspire creators while helping them protect, transport and share their works with the world. We are not a fashion brand; function is what drives each design and its details, resulting in a pared-down and timeless aesthetic. Long live Vitruvius' principles: firmitas (strength), utilitas (function), and venustas (beauty). 



Our story began in 2015 with architect and founder Cece's need for a functional yet elegant way to transport large-format drawings. Like many architects and designers, she often carried odd-shaped papers and objects that never fit in traditional bags. Cece therefore decided to craft a solution for herself. Not knowing how to sew, she used paper, elastic, and a wooden dowel to create a prototype for a bag that could carry Tabloid/A3 paper without forming creases or folds. Her pared-down solution, Enveloppe, evolved into a collection of practical accessories that reflect a quiet ingenuity through size, structure, and versatility. Each design is tailored to meet the needs of different creative types: architects, designers, artists, photographers, writers, and more.

The Atelier YUL: launched in 2016 to creators worldwide.
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1. DESIGN Our design process is guided by intuition, play, and investigation. We start with a series of questions, hypotheses, and (if we’re lucky) a half-formulated concept. We then delve into research, sketching, and model-making. Inspiration usually comes from the most unexpected places, so we never stay stuck in our chairs for too long...



2. MATERIALS Our carryalls are constructed using using a thick, premium 3 mm pebbled cowhide leather combined with our signature oak wood and bungee cord closure. All materials are hand-selected from local suppliers, allowing us to ensure the highest quality while supporting Montreal’s small but mighty manufacturing industry.



3. CRAFT In today’s overly-industrialized, fast-fashion world, we’ve opted to slow down and work exclusively with local master leather craftsmen who bring over 35 years of experience to our atelier. Each hide is meticulously planned and cut to reduce leather waste and every stitch is carefully considered to offer the highest level of construction.




"Limitation makes the creative mind inventive." — Walter Gropius